In a sea of change, the people in an organization don’t just surf waves—they make them.

Here’s how you and your employees should embark on your next transformation journey.

About 70% of transformations fail. One reason? No clear leadership.
Lead your organization
through changing tides by steering its transformation. As the captain, you should:
  • Have clear and tangible goals
  • Set a positive example
  • Display unwavering commitment to initiatives
  • Authentically communicate to teams
TIP Run a tight ship by communicating an overarching vision and specific steps that are clear to follow.

Your next priority is assembling the right people and keeping them focused.

Even with the most capable crews, 85% of employees report being unengaged in their work.

TIP Identify, recruit, motivate, and empower internal employees to join the charge. Involving their expertise will strengthen your efforts.

To map your path forward, you need a north star.
Consider the current climate
and where your organization is headed.
  • What are the megatrends affecting your customers?
  • What are unmet needs that your business can solve?
  • What’s working well?
  • What needs reconsideration?
TIP Assess where your organization is and where it needs to go, and let that guide your process.

To continue smooth sailing, provide tools for your crew to learn new skills as they go.

Organizations that transform quickly are nearly 2x more likely than slower-changing organizations to invest in internal talent.

TIP Make sure your employees have the skills and resources they need before hiring new people.

Navigate uncharted waters by constantly adapting.
Prepare for unexpected turns
in your strategy. If you don’t ready your crew to weather turbulent tides ahead, they might jump ship.
TIP Build flat, cross-functional teams that focus on different areas of transformation and promote collaboration.

When experiencing strong headwinds, you need a seasoned crew and all hands on deck. 75% of organizations that perform well during crises believe in their internal talent to rise to the challenge and help course correct.

TIP Watch for those who shine during challenging moments. They’re your next generation ready to take the helm.